Frankenstein- “Playing God”

There should be limits on humanity’s pursuit of knowledge because we can cause great destruction with too much knowledge. Frankenstein didn’t even consider the downfalls to creating the monster, and as soon as it came to life he thought it was ugly and wanted nothing to do with it. We have the moral responsibility to avoid “playing God” because we don’t really have the right to change the things he created. Obviously, he made things the way they are for a reason, and we don’t have the right to kill or create people, because that’s too much for our power. Killing a person is taking away one of Gods creations, and that’s just not something we have the right to do.


Something challenging..

More times than usual, students, including me have a very difficult time going to bed early enough, resulting in difficulty waking up, and sometimes even sleep deprivation. I usually can’t get to sleep until around 1 am, forcing myself to be exhausted every morning and struggling to stay awake throughout the school day.

On the nights I’m really tired, bed time usually ranges from about 11 pm, to about 12 or sometimes even 12:30 am. On the nights I really find myself tirelessly tossing and turning sometimes it takes till 1 or 2 am to finally get to sleep. Very regularly I find myself struggling to stay awake and energized throughout the school day. Every single morning I battle to keep my eyes open when my alarm goes off, and leave myself only 10-15 minutes to do my regular morning routine to prepare for school. I hardly ever find a minute in the day that I’m not absolutely exhausted and it’s quite a possible that I am a sleep deprived teenager. Going to bed this late every night and waking up for a full school day followed by work until supper time just isn’t fun. The average teenager should get about ten hours of sleep each night, so 6-8 really isn’t enough, especially since I’ve always needed more than the rest of the kids.

All in all, I find it very challenging to balance social life, work, education and sleep which is the reason I rarely get the amount of sleep my body requires. I am constantly exhausted and I’m sure any average teenager could agree with me, it’s very challenging to do all these things properly at once, which is clearly the reason I don’t get the proper amount of sleep.

Nicole Review essay ENG1D

Unconditionally by Katy Perry is a video you and everyone else should watch, her singing is amazing, but the video is also very good! If you pay attention to the video, you will find little meaningful details that you never would’ve noticed before. Little meaningful things like the hands sliding across each other with the rings on their fingers. This video is very entertaining with strong lyrics and I like the way they creatively used old fashioned clothes, I think that’s very original because maybe the old fashioned- theme makes the video more interesting for viewers.

“Oh no, did I get too close, oh did I almost see what’s really on the inside” In this scene Katy Perry is sitting down in the snow looking down, her face is more serious and the camera is shooting from the side of her face, I think this scene is supposed to be deep and meaningful. In the next scene everyone is dancing with old fashioned clothing on people are all dancing around her with a partner and she’s standing in the middle all alone, and then all of a sudden the bed gets lit on fire when she says “I will love you, unconditionally”. This scene is followed by everyone frozen in their positions lying on the couch, but there’s a random little boy standing on the couch his hand is up in the air in a position where he looks powerful. Finally, at the end of this music video, she is singing and then this car-like figure shatters around her and then the same happens with rose pedals, like she’s invincible.

In this music video I believe in the scene where the man and woman’s hand with the wedding rings slide by each other’s hands , she is implying when you get married and the priest says “to love honor and obey” she might be implying that she will always love him with no conditions. In the video when she says “come just as you are to me, don’t need apology, know that you are all worthy” she is saying that to her, you are good enough and you don’t need to change anything because she’ll always love you unconditionally no matter what, and through anything.  “All your insecurities, all the dirty laundry, never made me blink one time” Means that even though he has flaws and insecurities, they don’t matter or “make her blink one time” because just cause you have them doesn’t mean she’ll ever love you any less. In the part when the car breaks around her but doesn’t even actually touch her, I think it means that the love she has for this person is unconditional, or invincible. This video is mainly directed at couples to show that if you’re in a relationship it should be the way she feels, that love should be unconditional no matter what because what’s the point if it isn’t right?  For the most part, this video is appropriate for most to all ages, even though younger audiences may not understand the meaning of this video; they may still enjoy her singing, and the dancing this video has to offer. I believe the main idea of this song is that when love is this strong, nothing can break through it.

In my opinion, this music video is very good. Although most videos have some good, and some bad things about them, I couldn’t really find anything wrong with this video. I’ve watched this video over and over again to find something wrong, but there really isn’t anything bad about it besides maybe the whole medieval theme thing, because she didn’t really elaborate on that. I just don’t really understand why they’re dressed and dancing in old fashioned ways, but that really isn’t a bad thing. Maybe she could have got the point across about the old fashioned stuff, but other than that I think this was a really good video! I think she was trying to accomplish something different, because unlike most of the other current singers such as Miley Cyrus, she actually was dressed. This video isn’t the type of music video that you’d normally currently see, but I think she was trying to be deep and meaningful in this video, and I think that because in all the scenes, it looks like she’s trying to communicate to the audience through her eyes. This video really stands out to me, and Katy Perry has a very powerful voice and I just love this song and video all together!

All in all, I think all the scenes in this video were very thought out, and meaningful, and I would highly recommend it because I think her voice in this song is awesome, and the dancing is pretty good too! Enjoy.